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Köfte (Turkish meatballs)

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Such a long time ago I know…but I had a very good reason to neglect my blog (exams, thesis etc.) but I’m back for more! ūüôā¬†Let’s move on to¬†our recipe. Today’s dish and the 2nd out of the 3 will be k√∂fte. According to Wikipedia (check link below) it is believed¬†that there are 291 different kinds¬†of meatballs in Turkey. To be honest,¬†I don’t know¬†if there are that many¬†and I haven’t tasted them all¬†but I do know at least 15¬†of them. K√∂fte¬†(in different spellings) is also eaten¬†throughout the Middle East and the Maghreb. You can find them in different shapes and different tastes. It’s up to you to choose the¬†right one to your taste.¬†In Morocco for instance, they¬†add spices like cinnamon and coriander¬†to k√∂fte¬†(or kefta) to give it a sweet flavour.¬†In Turkey and¬†Greece¬†however this is not a common thing to do¬†because¬†k√∂ftes¬†are eaten more spicier. The recipe I am giving is the Turkish version,¬†slighty adapted to my taste ūüôā


  • 500¬†grams minced meat (lamb or beef or a¬†mixture¬†but¬†I prefer beef)
  • 2 onions
  • 3¬†slices of old dry bread or 2 or 3 ¬†tablespoons¬†bread crumbs
  • 2¬†garlic cloves
  • 1 egg
  • Bunch of parsley (flat leave preferred)
  • 2 tomatoes or 2 teaspoons tomato paste
  • 1 teaspoon cumin (optional)
  • half a teaspoon oregano (optional)
  • 2¬†teaspoons hot chili flakes
  • salt and pepper

Chop the onions and parsley fine, mince the garlic cloves, add them with the¬†tomatoes and bread crumbs¬†to the meat.¬†Add¬†your spices and beat the egg¬†and start kneading¬†the mixture¬†for about 10 minutes.¬†After kneading,¬†leave it¬†to rest in the fridge¬†for about 3 hours (a day is even better). Take it out of the fridge and shape them¬†into little (flat) balls. Place the k√∂ftes on a tray and bake them¬†in the oven until they get brown. You can also¬†grill them or fry them in a pan. All cooking methods are fine but I prefer the oven because it’s less greasy ūüôā

Serve with¬†Turkish bread, salad and ayran! Or¬†with the cacik sauce ūüėČ

Afiyet olsun!